Team Royal is a small game design studio based in Orlando, FL.


Our Games

Super Sling

Release Date: Out Now!

Aim for the target in Super Sling, a casual slingshot arcade game for iOS.

 Pull back and fire your character towards the target in over 100 levels or Battle Mode.

Beware the Rotter -  he's out to stop anyone playing and having fun. 

Buddy Food Fight

Release Date: Coming Soon

When the Buddy Bots have their cake stolen by a new villain, they'll stop at nothing to get it back!


 Use food as a weapon while you explore Buddy Planet, making new friends and chasing the bad guys along the way.


With enough teamwork, the Buddy Bots will get their cake back!


Meet Team Royal





Character Designer

Level Designer



Super Sling

A banner of the characters in Super Sling
Battle Mode Screenshot
Super Sling characters in different levels
A screenshot showing how to unlock in game items
Super Sling characters in a level

Buddy Food Fight

Cardboard Kingdom - A level in our upcoming game: Buddy Food Fight

The Buddies in the Cardboard Kingdom
The Buddes about to throw food at eachother

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