Team Royal is a small game design studio based in Orlando, FL.


Our Games

Super Sling

Release Date: Out Now!

Aim for the target in Super Sling, a casual slingshot arcade game for iOS.

 Pull back and fire your character towards the target in over 100 levels or Battle Mode.

Beware the Rotter - he's not having a good day and he doesn't want you to have one either. 

Buddy Food Fight

Release Date: Late 2019

When you're a robot, food fights are not a waste.

 Use food as a weapon in this wild multiplayer food fight game.

Coming soon

Release date: Late 2019


Meet Team Royal





Character Designer

Level Designer



Super Sling

A banner of the characters in Super Sling
Battle Mode Screenshot
Super Sling characters in different levels
A screenshot showing how to unlock in game items
Super Sling characters in a level

Buddy Food Fight

Cardboard Kingdom - A level in our upcoming game: Buddy Food Fight

The Buddies in the Cardboard Kingdom
The Buddes about to throw food at eachother


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